Wendy & Cindy liked my dresses. My Frugal Stye Gets Noticed!

IMG_0606Life feels really exciting right now. I am meeting really awesome people and my dream is coming true every day!!!! Yesterday I ventured to New York City. I went to a taping of the Wendy Williams show and other fun stuff an aspiring actress goes to do, people watching and such. The Wendy Show was a lot of fun! I spoke to her about how I agreed with her when she said Leonardo DiCaprio should have fun.  I said he’s a player following George Clooney’s footsteps.  I think he should do what he wants, why not, he’s a hot actor and models like him. I am sure they have a lot of fun and may not want to be serious.  He’s still on track to be like George, he can wait 10 more years for marriage.  They all look happy in the equation.  That’s the goal of life to find joy in life, live your dreams, and don’t hurt anyone in the process. At least that’s what I have learned the older I get.  This makes me wonder the Latin root of serious.  You can learn a lot by learning Latin.  Thank you Mr. Timothy Beneski!!!!  Shout out to a wonderful man and wonderful Family [(C,C,S,_) UGHHHHH – Insider] friends of mine!!!

Wendy was so friendly in person and she really talks to the audience.  I watched her after the show taping and was surprised at how pooped she looked afterwards.  Not in a bad way, just not her usual after the show energy, KWIM?  You would have never known she was tired while she was on stage. That’s the point, you alwaysIMG_0610 gotta be on for the people.  She loves the people and you can tell!  The show is always a lot of fun.  I hope she got good rest last night. Love you Wendy Woo Woo!!!  I love all you do, you are my GUILTY PLEASURE!!

Wendy complimented my dress, WHILE I WAS ON TV, which was totally exciting!!! I was nervous and wanted to tell her, “I really wanted to wear one of the two jumpsuits I purchased from your HSN line, but I ordered too small and am going to keep them so I can fit them once I get a few pounds off”. I will be back and I WILL fit into my jumpsuits.

I met a wonderful woman who gave me some great actor resources and words of encouragement, thank you Angelis.  You are an Angel who came to me at the right time.  Stay blessed and thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement.  I will not forget your advice or you.

Here is me in the dress Wendy complimented in Central Park after the show! The dress is actually an Ann Taylor dress that I IMG_0628got from Savers. It was only $12.99. I LOVE SAVERS!!!! I post about the deals I get there on my Instagram!

I went for lunch at Sapphire Indian Cuisine, 1845 Broadway, NY. I had the lunch buffet. The food was excellent, the staff was arrogant, they confiscated my umbrella at the door, never took a drink order and put my umbrella in the trash. I will not be returning.   Hello to that nice couple at the table across from me. If you are reading this, hope you like my blog!!!

Then I started thinking about another great experience I had in New York City, when I went backstage at the Lenny Kravitz concert at Webster Hall in May! Shout out to Stacy Michelle & your Boy Herschel!!!! They were so cool and sing background for Kid Rock.  Back stage at Lenny Kravitz, I met his background singers and they were so warm and fun. Cindy Blackman Santana was totally friendly, she had an amazing peaceful energy! We had such a positive moment and exchange. WELL, CINDY COMPLIMENTED MY DRESS TOO!!!! That dress was $19.99 at Rainbow. My earrings were Kate Spade, from Savers $7.99 and the necklace was from a consignment shop that supports the local Village for Children & Families, it was from Talbot’s, for under $22. I totally love to look good for a bargain.IMG_0334

So here is the beautiful energy shot of Cindy and I after I told her my dress was $20 and she gave me a confident nod!

Photo, Stacy Michelle, WOOT!!!!

Here’s my theory about resale retail. So many people benefit, and it’s good for the environment. There are people in a position to buy new wardrobes annually, and they will do this either way. They donate, get an annual tax write off for charitable donation, and people who would not normally be able to outfit themselves in such a way are able to do so. It’s totally a win for everyone.

After lunch I was stopped by the most handsome guy, not my type, just a real cutie. He had a great accent, and his eyes and smile lured me into the store Euphorie for a ‘sample’. He sold me this stuff for my face. I won’t talk the cost. I see it as an investment for my future. My face is my first impression and I need clear skin. I don’t want casting to think, “she’s great, we gotta get the best makeup, photo enhancers, and what ever else, her skin is a wreck.  Too much trouble – NEXT”.    Or do their minds even get that far when they see bad skin?  Cutie with the accent swore it would work, and …. well, I believed him. He had great skin and amazing pictures on his phone of before and after customers. His name was Joe, thanks Joe!!!! When I come back I will take YOUR picture. Here is what I bought. Euphorie, Platinum Infused Facial Peeling Gel. It was a DEAL, I swear. Only after I SWORE that I would use moisturizer, explained that being an actress actually means that you are poor, not rich and Joe swore to a money back guarantee did we make a deal. He was quite shocked that I am 42 (was that sales?) and I showed him my license, because I love the reaction. I used the product today, and I really do see some of my marks lightening. So, I am hopeful. It’s a 2 year supply, so I figured, with all the other items I would have purchased in two years, I would more than break even in cost.

IMG_0659So, here is my face routine.

1. Avon blackhead eliminating cleanser

2. Avon blackhead eliminating astringent

3. Avon Banishing Cream

Weekly I will use the Euphorie Platinum Face peel

New York feels amazing. I feel totally alive and excited and moved every time I am there. There is an unparalleled energy. I look forward to going back and sharing more of my adventures to fulfilling and living my dream.

Be well, and love yourself.

As I said last time I was in the city, “Screw you Connecticut with your bugs ‘n pollen!!!



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