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Friends, Lend me your hearts, minds and bodies…in that order.  Take a minute to think about what you want?  A dream in your heart.  A dream that never died. Ok, that is why you we’re born.  Seriously.  If it makes your heart sing, and always has.  You have found your ‘dream job, perfect life, easiest…


8/18/13 The idea The mp3 song Is a metaphor to Source energy The song is the essence Another generation had an album An object and the song The song is the spirit The spirit is the truth Are we moving closer to Needing fewer things? To only needing spirit Thank you Steve Jobs


Recently discovered, the true purpose in life is JOY. Love of God and self is paramount. We all knew this at birth.  We all had pure hearts I am here to chronicle my  journey. A child of the 80’s Raised on The Jeffersons, Walton’s, Roots, Soul Train, Little House on the Prairie, Dallas,  Falcon Crest,…