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10615970_10203797732536548_2341292802230508_n-2WHO AM I?

Taz Walker, MBA


Performance Artist

Motivational Speaker

LifeStyle and Enterprise Consultant

Operations – Hospitality – Supply Chain

Quality / Continuous Improvement / LEAN

Career Planning

Parenting / Work Life Skills

Pregnancy / Breastfeeding / Motherhood

Home and LifeStyle Organization

Nutrition, Meal Planning & Fitness

Natural / Homeopathic Skin, Hair and Internal Care

Taz Walker is an accomplished business, hospitality and philanthropic leader. Her first love is stage performance and is melding her performance, business, creative and LEAN principles into a lifestyle and community support network. Having experienced first hand the effects of alcoholism, abuse, mental illness, homelessness, race and gender prejudice, sexual injustice, and divorce. Her mission is to help others and create a society of empathy and love through education, community renewal and the teachings of LOVE.

I found it is most important to focus on the positive. Items crossed out are my past, they don’t define me, nor do they continue to cripple me or my perceptions” -Taz Walker

What we focus on we create more of, we are all here to create, receive and share love.

Join me on a journey to LOVE!!!

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Woman, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Dreamer, Thinker, Writer, Spiritual Being, Vibrational Force, Evolution.  Student of Life.  Seeker of Joy.

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