Oprah & Deepak Gratitude Meditation, Day 4 & How you Ramadan-iN?

I am on Day 4 of my Oprah & Deepak Meditation journey.  It’s relaxing, challenging, and wonderful all at the same time.  I have new insights and amazing ideas.  I also have to ask myself important questions about my growth, what is important and what I need to do to continually stay in a state of joy and grace.  What do I need to do to continually feel positive, hopeful and passionate about every minute of life?  This can be challenging at first, but then it becomes so easy.  I have always been such a “doer”.  I have always needed to be “doing” something, now that I am living with intention and paying attention to my body, mind and my needs, I realized I was filling up the days with mindless, unattached busy work and projects to avoid the obvious.  I was not living my fullest life or fulfilling my destiny.  It is not a far fetched idea, realizing one’s dream(s).  Truth be told, if everyone was doing what they REALLY wanted to, everyone would be in the right job.  If all things were equal, those who wanted to be doctors, farmers, woodworkers and writers would all be doing so, rather than following the dream of their parents who may not have realized their own.  Or failed to follow because people of their, race, social standing, background, sex, age, whateva’…didn’t do some particular, XYZ, thing that they were told they must do.

Now that I am meditating I can enjoy my children.  I can enjoy myself.  When I am tired, I can respond with rest, because I am confident that I am in tune with all of the needs I encountered to that point.  How can I be so sure?  Well, up until that point I have been there, in the present.  Looking people in the eye, saying thank you, listening completely (not waiting to answer), breathing deeply, and smiling, or frowning, or crying, if necessary.

To meditate, to lay back, relax and listen without the chatter is amazing.  To look at situations and people and say, “not my circus or my monkeys” is wonderful.  I can care about me, and others I can care about from a far.  I hope you have time to try to join this global meditation effort.  It has been a monumental part of my personal growth and healing process.  I am re learning how to live a wonderful life of peace now that I have incorporated consistent prayer and meditation to my life.

~ Namaste


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