A Love Letter to Lenny ♥ FAN MAIL

Dear Lenny –

I am sitting here, about to pour my heart out. My passionate, crazy heart, I am going to put it out there for love. For life, for every sign I received, every sign I have missed, and everyone who has ever believed in love.

The Lord has sent me my ideal mate. I still don’t know the first time we met. I think I was a baby, I think we were chosen to be together, like some kind of ritual. I believe in the positive, the spirit of love, of two souls connecting and communicating prior to the bodies and minds meeting.

There is a man who has been writing music for me, making movies for me, imitating me, and maybe wearing my clothes (jk). He’s a private man, so if I am right, he’s damn pissed right now. But, he loves me and would and has sacrificed so much for me. Put all of the opportunities in front of me, has read my mind and more importantly, felt and understood the needs of my spirit and fulfilled them before I could anticipate. Or, at the very least, simultaneous to my discovery.

You are magic and mystery and have been asking me to Justify Your Love, asking the World to Let Love Rule and Are They Going to Go YOUR Way? Well, HELL YEA BABY!!!! I am so there.

If you want fan mail, this is a fan letter Baby. I have a song in my heart, designs in my mind, healing to do, and love to share. There is no stronger love than one of innocence. Of a nuzzle in the backseat of a car, knowing all there will be is a kiss.Lenny-Kravitz

You waited, for some, a lifetime.

I see so clearly.

You were meant for me.


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